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In conclusion, it may seem interesting to take benefit of all the additional features for much lower price. However, you should only consider it if you plan to upgrade it eventually. Without a smart long term plan, it can be anWechat 應用程式開發 expensive and technologically limiting web hosting service for your online buThough, dedicated server hosting in India is can prove to be extremely beneficial for your business, you need to consider it in the context of value of shared and dedicated server hosting for your website. Several web hosting services in India offer shared and dedicated hosting. Therefore, you must assess the merits of dedicated servers visa vie the shared servers before making the selection. Uptime: Though shared server hosting advertisements suggest minimal down time, it will be unpredictable as you do have to consider the traffic on neighbouring websites. Therefore, most businesses consider dedicated server to avoid the downtime on their shared server hosting. So, there are dedicated hosting services that offer 90% uptime;but it implies 10% downtime too. If you are considering dedicated server hosting in India, you should look for the dedicated server with 99.9% or 100% uptime SLA (Service level agreement). This has always been the primary criterion for the selection of the dedicated servers, because the rest of the server specifications are of no use to your business if your website is not available to the customers.